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What Do I Get When I Purchase Studio Time?

You will be provided with the room you've chosen, an engineer, and the amount of hours you have booked. Your engineer will be prepared to record, mix, and master during that time.

Will You Mix and Master My Music For Me?

Yes, we mix and master during the session time if requested (the more time you allow for the mixing and mastering, the more detailed and finished product you will receive. We say to provide your engineer at least an hour per song you would like mixed during the session). If you choose to only record during your session, we can provide out of session mixing and mastering at an additional fee. Pricing differs based on the engineer so please inquire directly with your engineer or at

How Will I Get My Music?

When the session time is coming to an end, the engineer will email what you have finished directly to the email you provide to them. If you'd like to bring a hard drive we would be happy to place the files on there as well.

What If I Need the Stems/Session?

Due to the size of these files we recommend bringing in a hard drive. We will place those files on a hard drive during session time. If you request these out of session time, a fee will apply.

Do You Do Project Pricing for Bands?

Yes, for bands we provide project pricing on a per song basis. The pricing is determined by the amount of songs you are looking to record.

Can I Extend My Studio Time After I Book?

We will accommodate any request if there is not a session directly after or before your session. To extend your session before you arrive, please email or reach out directly to your engineer.

What Genres Do You Record?

If it needs recorded, we've got you covered! We record anything from Rap, Rock, Country, Metal, Voice-Over, Anything!

Do You Supply Instrumentals?

Some of our engineers also make instrumentals, but we do not have a catalog available during sessions. Each engineer has their own site for purchasing and checking out their works.

Do You Make Custom Instrumentals?

If your engineer is one of our engineers that does make instrumentals, a custom can be created for you in session or you can negotiate a price as they will very person to person.

What Are the Differences Between the Studios Rooms?

C1 is our largest room (around 700 square feet) and has the highest quality microphones and analog gear. This room would be the only room that can accommodate any form of band work. C1 is our premiere room where you will work with our lead engineer unless otherwise requested. C2 is our middle tier room (400 square feet) with limited analog gear and a high grade microphone. This room is geared towards solo vocalists or single instrument recording. C3 is our smallest room (around 200 square feet). This room is geared towards solo vocalists.


How Do I Get My Own "Hot Mic" Episode?


We are currently taking bookings for these however for pricing and date information please reach out to our business manager at These are recorded in advance and there is a release schedule that is being followed.

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